Rukkit CV

Rukkit  Kuanhawate

Rukkit is a street artist from Thailand. Since receiving his degree in Art Education from Chulalongkorn University in 2001, he works as a graphic designer. Since 2003 to 2009 he has ben Art Director for Magazines as “375 Magazine”, “Sarngratoon”, and “b.o.r.e.d. Design”. He is heavily inspired by Magazine, Music Packaging, Typography, Illustration.

In 2011 his passion for illustration and graphic design brought him to explore a different environment: the streets. Since then he has bee extremely active in leaving his traces in the public spaces, especially in Thailand.

His technique is mainly stencil used to create figurative images, above all, animals, constructed by intricate and colorful geometrical patterns. Recently he has started bring- ing his art out of the walls using 3D sculptures for public spaces with his unique style. “The pixel connector” nominated RUKKIT the Man of the Year in 2012.


Born: 15 October 1978, Songkhla, Thailand

Address: 178 Phairoj Village Bangna-Trad 31, Bangna,

Bangkok, 10260. Thailand


Current Occupation

2001-2003 Graphic Designer, ‘Ductstore, Bangkok, Thailand

2003-2004 Art Director, 375 Magazine, daypoets, Bangkok, Thailand

2006-2007 Art Director, Sarngratoon Magazine, Workpoint Publising

2008-2009 Art Director, b.o.r.e.d. Design, Bangkok, Thailand

2010-Now Freelance Graphic Designer, and Street Artist D.O.B Crew

Educational Background

1997 – 2001 Art Education, Chulalongkorn University

1991 – 1996 Satit Patumwan School, Bangkok, Thailand

Selected group showcase

2009 Design (Alone) Cannot Change (Everything) Siam Discovery, Thailand

2009 “Tigertranslate 2009” Ratchada, Bangkok Thailand

2009 “Ride a Life”(Inspiration by bicycle), Art Golilas, Thailand

2010 “Imagin Peace” ,BACC, Bangkok, Thailand

2011 “For2 Wall Painting” at BACC, Thailand

2011 “For2 Tour CNX“ KadsuanKawe, Chaingmai, Thailand

2011 “SHUT UP AND PAINT SK8” by MS Invader, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 FOR FXE (Friends X Enemies ) N Galerie, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 “Heart of Bangkok” (9 Face x FOR) ,Dean & Deluca, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 Crying Elephant for Taejai at The Sync, Thailand

2012 ABSOLUT UNIQUE  “Defective Deer” Siam Paragon, Thailand

2012 Aids Day, The Mall Bangapi, Thailand

2013 “Tid Silp Bon Ratchaburi”, Ratchaburi, Thailand

2013 “Bukruk” at Ratchathewi Bangkok, Thailand

2013 “Read Me” at BACC, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 “Read Me” Klong San Sab, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 “Unspoken Dialogue” at JAM cafe Thailand

2013 “Read Me Khonkaen”, Khonkaen, Thailand

2013 STRAWBERRY FIELDS RMA, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 “Stick It Up” Sticker Exhibition at BACC, Thailand

2013 “Here is ZINE 7th Bangkok-Tokyo” Next to normal,CTW, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 “Siam Center Illumination & Celebration Contest” Siam Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 “Horzon Core” Minimal Gallery, Chaingmai, Thailand

2014 “TOKYO IMAGINE” Furoshiki  Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan

2014 “Goja Wall” Goja Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 “TOYOTA VIOS” The Style by Toyota, Siamsquare, Thailand

2014 “GOORU” Goo for brothers x Rukkit, FIFTY FIFTY Gallery, Korea

2014 “Siam Manud Street” G -Shock, Thailand

2014 “TKO” Thai Korea Odyssey, HOB ART Residency,Thailand

2014 “The Frankenstein Freak Show” by Kult, Singapore

2014 “Urban Up” Boom Up The City! Street Art Korea, Busan & Seoul, Korea

2014 “WonderFruit Festival” Wood Sculpture, Chonburi, Thailand

2015 “CNHB Uniform 2015” Chainat Hornbill Football Club, Thailand

2015 “ST+ART INDIA” street art festival, New Delhi, India

2015 “HKWalls” street art festival, Sheung Wan, Hongkong

2015 “AGC Streetcon 2015” Dubai

2015 “TigerTranslate 2015 Malaysia”, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

2015 “Be@rbrick World wild tour 2”, Siam Center, Bangkok


2002 2nd Sound design / British Council, Bangkok, Thailand

2005  1st Winner T-shirt Compilation RadioActive Tstyler, Singapore

2010 2nd Cut & Paste  (Thailand / fist in southeast asia)

2011 “Outstanding Prize” T-Face Show  2011

2012 “The Pixel Connector” Man Of The Year 2012 by Men Intrend



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